Eastern Black Sea and Coruh Basins

Eastern Black Sea and Coruh Basins

Akkus Island

City: Ordu

Provinces: Persembe

Surface Area: 2

Altitude: 0 – 20 m

Protection: N/A

Bird Species: It gains important bird areas status with tepeli karabatak (90 pairs) population.

Main Characteristics: rocky coastal islands

Eastern Black Sea Mountains

City: Trabzon, Gümüshane, Bayburt, Rize, Erzurum, Artvin

Provinces: There are 32 provinces within important bird areas

Surface Area : 1.230.000

Altitude : 0 – 3932 m

Protection: partially

Bird Species: It gains important bird areas status with sakalli akbaba (20 pairs), kizil akbaba (20 pairs), kara akbaba (10 pairs), kaya kartali (10 pairs), hus tavuhu (all Turkey population is within these important bird areas) and ürkeklik populations. These important bird areas including seven regions had been investigated during a research performed on 1993, and a total of 134 mature male hu? tavugu had been determined within six of them. When narrowness of the researched area and wideness of appropriate life environments are considered, it can be deemed that total number of hus tavugu population within important bird areas exceeds 1000 pairs. But, discover of various important new immigration valley recently is showing that these numbers can be much more than deemed. Due to representation of Eurasia High Mountainous (Alpine) biomes within turkey by Eastern Black Sea Mountains, it is the only area which gained important bird areas status.

Main Characteristics: Forest, mountain, immigration pass

eastern black sea mountains birding area