Sakarya Basin

Sakarya Basin

Cavuscu Lake

City: Konya

Provinces: Ilgin

Surface Area : 1200

Altitude : 1026 m

Protection: Yes

Bird Species: Population of Whiskered tern Biyikli sumru (100 pairs) and huge number of wintering water birds (max. 32.586), including Red-crested pochard Macar ördegi (max.1000).

Main Characteristics: sweet water lake

cavuscu lake birding area

Altintas Plains

City: Kütahya

Provinces: Altintas, Aslanapa, Kütahya Merkez

Surface Area : 19200

Altitude : 970 – 1698 m

Protection: Yes

Bird Species: It is thought that there are approximately 20 breeding pairs of great bustard toy in the area. Reproduction is observed every year.

Main Characteristics: plateau, agricultural area

altintas birding area

Türkmenbaba Mountain

City: Kütahya, Eskisehir

Provinces: Eskisehir Merkez, Kütahya Merkez, Seyitgazi

Surface Area : 17500

Altitude : 1200 – 1826 m

Protection: partially

Bird Species: The biggest population of black vulture Kara akbaba (10 pairs) known in Turkey lives in the region. At the same time there are important breeding numbers of black stork kara leylek (5 pairs), lammergeier sakalli akbaba (1 pair) and booted eagle küçük kartal (5 pairs).

Main Characteristics: forest, mountain

Turkmenbaba mountain birding area


City: Eskisehir

Provinces: Pairseler, Sivrihisar

Surface Area : 11500

Altitude : 875 – 909 m

Protection: N/A

Bird Species: It is estimated that there are approximately 20 breeding pairs of great bustard toy in the area., the maximum number of individuals recorded is 45.

Main Characteristics: plateau, agricultural area

aliken birding area


City: Eskisehir

Provinces: Sivrihisar

Surface Area : 1470

Altitude: 799 m

Protection: Yes

Bird Species: Important for populations of Montagu’s Harrier çayir delicesi (15 pairs) and Lesser Kestrel küçük kerkenez (10 pairs in Ahiler) as well as migrant storks (max.17.915). The region has importance during migration for water birds, including ruddy shelduck angit (max. 302).

Main Characteristics: sweet water lake, swamp

balikadami birding area

Uyuz Lake

City: Konya

Surface Area: 15

Altitude : 1185 m

Protection: Yes

Bird Species: ruddy duck dikkuyruk (10 pairs) population.

Main Characteristics: sweet water lake

uyuz lake birding area

Çöl Lake

City: Ankara

Provinces: Bala, Haymana

Surface Area : 4700

Altitude : 1045 m

Protection: N/A

Bird Species: Greater sand plover Büyük cilibit breed in the area. Huge numbers of water birds winter in the lake (max. 76.154), including white-fronted goose sakarca (max. 14.000), ruddy shelduck angit (max. 6847) and teal çamurcun (max. 10.486) (data before 1989.) Flamingo (max. 5500), ruddy duck dikkuyruk (max.27) and black-winged stilt uzunbacak (max. 1000) can generally seen in the lake during the period after breeding. There are mallard yesilbas, black-winged stilt uzunbacak, avocet kiliçgaga, kentish plover akça cilibit and lapwing kizkusu among other birds breeding within the region.

Main Characteristics: salty lake, swamp

Mogan Lake

City: Ankara

Provinces: Gölbasi

Surface Area : 1500

Altitude: 973 m

Protection: Yes

Bird Species: Important breeding populations of squacco heron alaca balikçil (30 pairs), Red-crested pochard Macar Ördegi (50 pairs), Ferruginous duck pasbas patka (10 pairs) and ruddy duck dikkuyruk (2 pairs). At the end of autumn and before spring you may observe huge numbers of water birds (max. 78.590), including Red-crested pochard Macar ördegi (max. 673), Ferruginous duck pasbas patka (max.200) and coot sakarmeke (max. 70.100).

Main Characteristics: sweet water lake, swamp

mogan lake birding area

Kizilcahamam Forests

City: Ankara

Provinces: Çamlidere, Kizilcahamam

Surface Area : 9500

Altitude : 900 – 1849 m

Protection: partially

Bird Species: Important breeding populations of black stork kara leylek (5 pairs), lammergeier sakalli akbaba (2 pairs), egyptian vulture küçük akbaba (15 pairs), griffon vulture kizil akbaba (2 pairs), black vulture kara akbaba (most of them are areproducing within National Park, 6 pairs) and booted eagle küçük kartal (3 pairs). To the south of Kizilcahamam, huge numbers of vultures and storks can be seen around a slaughterhouse on the banks of Kirmir Stream.

Main Characteristics: forest, mountain

Kizilcahamam forest birding area

Kavakli Mountain

City: Ankara, Bolu

Provinces: Güdül, Dörtdivan

Surface Area : 8100

Altitude : 1000 -1983 m

Protection: Yes

Bird Species: Important black vulture population – kara akbaba (5 pairs).

Main Characteristics: mountain, forest

kavakli forest birding area

Inözü Valley

City: Ankara

Provinces: Beypazari

Surface Area: 50

Altitude : 675 – 750 m

Protection: N/A

Bird Species: Important populations of black stork kara leylek (5 pairs) and Lanner falcon biyikli dogan (1 pair).

Main Characteristics: rocky mountains, valley

Sariyar Dam

City: Ankara, Eskisehir

Provinces: Beypazari, Nallihan, Mihaliççik

Surface Area : 8400

Altitude: 475 m

Protection: partially

Bird Species: Among the important species breeding within the region, night heron gece balikçili (120 pairs), which nests on the rocky mountains to the south as well as black stork kara leylek (20 pairs), which nest in rocky mountains, egyptian vulture küçük akbaba (10 pairs) and Lanner falcon biyikli dogan (1 pairs). “Nallihan Kuscenneti” is an important sheltering point during migration for numerous stork leylek (max. 11.300) and ruddy shelduck angit (max. 2400).

Main Characteristics: dam lake, rocky mountains

sariyar dam birding area

Hamam Mountain

City: Eskisehir

Provinces: Mihaliççik

Surface Area : 14000

Altitude : 900 – 1574 m

Protection: N/A

Bird Species: Important for black vulture kara akbaba (5 pairs) and booted eagle küçük kartal (1 pair).

Main Characteristics: forest, mountain

hamam mountain birding area

Sapanca Lake

City: Sakarya, Kocaeli

Provinces: Sapanca, Adapazari, Izmit

Surface Area : 4700

Altitude: 31 m

Protection: Yes

Bird Species: Water-birds (max.48.267), including red-crested pochard Macar örde?i (max.1002), pochard elmabas patka (max. 10.400) and coot sakarmeke (max. 30.700).

Main Characteristics: sweet water lake

sapanca lake birding area