Izmir Bird National Park

Izmir Bird National Park



Presently you arein one of the most unique and important natural areas on earth.Izmir Bird Paradise is the result of the Gediz River depositing its silt where it meets the Aegean over thousands of years.Incredible numbers of birds, fish and other species depend on this paradise to live and breed.As you get to know these species more closely, you will appreciate them further.

The Gediz Delta is one of Turkey’s and the world’s most striking natural areas.Also known as the Izmir Bird Paradise the delta stretches from Bostanli shores to the Foca hills.Approximately 250 bird,314 plant,many mammal,fish and reptile species take refuge in the delta.Accordingly,the delta has several protection designations and is globally renowed as an important Bird Area (IBA) and Key Biodiversity Area (KBA).The species diversity encountered here can be explained by the fact that this an esturay.The globally threatened Mediterranean Monk Seal is one of the most outstanding residens of the delta.


Flamingos and Dalmatian Pelicans

Flamingos get their name from their “flaming” feathers that are reddish-pink.In the delta, they can be seen especially near Mavisehir , Home Lagoon and Camalti Saltpan.The shallow and salty waters in these areas provide convenient feeding grounds for thousands of flamingos.The Gediz Delta is the second most important breeding site for this species in Turkey after Tuz Lake in Central Anatolia.


With a wingspan of more than 3 meters,Dalmatian Pelicans are among the world’s largest flying birds.This globally threatened species can often be seen flying above Bostanli or Izmir Gulf and Izmir Bird Paradise is recognised as one of the most important breeding sites for the Dalmatian Pelican.

In order to get a closer glimpse at the flamingos, Dalmatian Pelicans and all of the other birds of the delta, do not forget to bring along your binoculars. With a pair that magnifies seven or eight times, you can discover the world of these beautiful species in much in much more detail.Birdwatching guidebooks will also help the learning process of enthusiastic beginners.

Heart of Fishing and Salt Making

The main centre of fishing carried out in the Izmir Gulf is the Gediz Delta.Since many fish species breed in the shallow waters of the delta,fishing is a significant traditional income source in the region.Furthermore,Camalti Saltpan,also located within the delta,contributes to Turkey’s economy with its yearly production of 500.000 tons of salt.

An Open Air Museum For Children

The Gediz Delta can be seen as a natural library where school children can expand what they learn in the classroom.The delta offers them an irreplaceable for decoding nature’s language and its secrets.Surely,the Gediz Delta is worth a visit for our children’s long term appreciation of nature,starting from birds.

Visitor Centre

The Izmir Bird Paradise Visitor Center provides visitors with the opportunity to visit the bird photography exhibit,acquire extensive information on the delta,peacefully follow the movement of the birds with the help of the cameras set up in the field or simply sit back and relax a walk towards the sea or towards the Lodos hills where a magnificent panorama of the delta can be obtained.