Tour 3 – Richness of the Nature & Culture Tour

Tour 3 – Richness of the Nature & Culture Tour

Bird watching Tours for 8 days in Turkey

Day 1 – God & man, nature & art all together created a place in earth that worth seeing. The capital of all empires. Blue World Travel staff will meet you at the airport, arrive at hotel, Welcome to Istanbul, get acquaintance to this big big city, check-in and just relax. Welcome cocktail & brief information about wild life of the birds and some dos & don’ts for entire tour will be your first activities. Tonight we’ll invite you to a welcome dinner at one of the famous Turkish Restaurants. Rest of the night is your perfunctory exploration around the hotel located in the heart of city.

Day 2 – Today we’ll depart for Green Bursa. This morning after breakfast we’ll pass thru the Bosphorus Bridge linking two continents. You’ll be in the Eurosia. Later we’ll arrive at Darica for car-ferry in order to reach Yalova. Then we’ll arrive Green Bursa, the first capital of the Ottoman Empire having many important Ottoman buildings remain. Bursa was, and is still, famous for its silk trade, towel manufacture and thermal springs. Check-in at the hotel desk, and after lunch (famous regional dish doner kebab consist of dish of bread, tomato sauce, strips of grilled meat, melted butter and yogurt) we’ll have city tour. Yesil Turbe, Emir Sultan Hazretleri, proceed to the covered bazaar area, with its narrow streets caravanserais, bedesten and silk products then we’ll visit Ulu Cami. Later we’ll proceed for Bandirma and check-in at the hotel for overnight.

** (We may re-schedule the program by adding fast ferry service from Istanbul to Bandirma which takes 2 hrs and makes the program shorter by omitting Bursa visit)

Day 3 – In the morning we drive to Kuscenetti Milli Parki (Bird Paradise National Park) the greatest and very well established features giving guests to watch the birds. This 64-hectare reserve on the shores of Kus Golu – Bird Lake, the ancient Manias- boasts from two to three million feathered visitors of 255 different varieties, each year. The annual migration takes place in April to June and September to November. More than 60 species of bird, including Dalmatian Pelicans, Spoonbills, cormorants, various Owls, Ibis, Heron and Ducks breed here every year. The visitor center has exhibits of stuffed birds in simulated habitats. After Manias we’ll havre short visit to Gönen, Turkey’s most important thermal resort. The springs were used even in Roman times and a fifth century mosaic remains from what was originally a Roman bath. These waters come from 500 meters below the ground and emerge heated at approximately 82 degrees. Returning back to Bandirma and dinner will be served in one of the local restaurant in Bandirma.

Day 4 – After breakfast we will visit Manyas (Bird’s Heaven) for a briefing and meeting, a lecture with slides with administative board of Manyas Bird Heaven executives and after a small workshop we’ll proceed Izmir, en route Pergamon first an ancient Kingdom dated back 323 B.C. This Hellenistic city was the center of culture, commerce and medical with its philosophers, scientists and artists like Galen (131-210 AD). Acropolis, remains of celebrated library, an impressive Hellenistic style 10000 spectator capacity theater, marble columned temples of Trajan and the Temple of Dionysus, the Temple of Athena, library of Pergamum once catered 200.000 volumes, (It’s not hard to guess the first parchment paper was invented here) the sanctuary of Demeter, Zeus Altar one of the grandest monuments and great medical treatment center Asclepion where the symbol of modern medicine came from. The place is also popular having spectacular view of the plateu and the richness of the flora and fauna for your exploration though. Arrival to Izmir and overnight in the city center.

Day 5 – Very early morning we’ll depart for Camalti Saltpan that is one of the most important bird migrating sites – the Izmir, “Bird Paradise” near Cigli for a session of bird watching, where Avocets are obvious, but many of the passage waders and gulls will prove more of an identification challenge. After visiting Izmir having a boat ride from Karsiyaka to Konak we’ll visit Archaelogical and Etnography Museums as well as the landmarks of Izmir in Konak Square, ancient clock tower the symbol of Izmir and historic Konak Mosque then we’ll retun back to Karsiyaka for revisiting Camalti Saltpan to view the species at dusk.

Day 6 – Today we’ll invite you to one of the greatest archaeological sites as well as Seven Churches in the Book of Revelation. Ephesus where St. Paul Preached is an ancient city that you’ll never get bored to discover with its marble paved streets. The Third Ecumenical Council was held in Ephesus. The east Gymnasium, the state Agora, the remain of the Temple of Isis (Goddess of Egypt), the Heracletes Gate, Curates Street named for the college of priests located here, Scholastic Baths, well preserved two storey Celcus Library, Marble Road, great theater that is still hosting the concerts and festivals, Arcadian way, (Harbor Street) once lined up with shops towards the harbor and the Basilica of St. John are the main places for our informative tour in Ephesus. Time to visit Ephesus museum with its treasure. Later we’ll wind up Virgin Mary’s House that was visited by Popes and is considered as a pilgrimage site. Time to pop in one of the traditional carpet waving center which displays traditional method of carpet waving style against the latest technology. The center is supported by the Ministry of Culture & Tourism in Turkey. Overnight in Kirkinca village houses in Sirince that’s the typical Anatolian village in the cradle of civilization.

Day 7 – Today we’ll fly to Istanbul at noon but just before we’ll explore Meles River by viewing regional birds in here plus Great Menderes Delta with it’s rich species. Transferring the group to Adnan Menderes Airport and departure for Istanbul. Arrival at Istanbul Atatürk Airport and transferring you to the hotel in Historic Peninsula. Overnight at Ottoman Chalet Style Hotel in Istanbul.

Day 8 – Get your breakfast strong since the most important landmarks await our exploration. We’ll start with the places of interest in Sultanahmet District here we call Historic Peninsula. The first place is The Blue Mosque which is famous for blue and white Iznik tiles was built between 1609-1616. We’ll proceed for the ancient Hippodrome, the scene of chariot races and the center of Byzantine civic life, stands in the open space next, we’ll pass Turkish & Islamic Arts Museum that reflects the lifestyle of Turks of every society from the 8th century to the present. Lunch at Konyali one of the well known restaurants in Topkapi. Time to visit Topkapi Palace having the galleries exhibiting the imperial collections of gorgeous crystal, silver and Chinese porcelain of Ottoman era. Visiting Harem, the secluded quarters of the wives, concubines and children of the sultan, charms visitors, an exhibition of imperial costumes worn by the sultans and their families, the famous jewels of the treasury and a priceless collection of miniatures from medieval manuscripts. Hagia Sophia, one of the finest buildings of all time built by Emperor Justinian now Fatih Sultan Mehmet’s Mosque. Exploring the majestic serenity and the fine Byzantine mosaics of the building. After St. Sophia we’ll proceed for Sunken Palace also known as Basilica Cistern from Justinian era with its 336 marble columns. Finally, we’ll depart for gorgeous Grand Bazaar having over 4000 shops inside. Ready to get lost? Go on then. Egyptian Bazaar is another paradise for the shop-lovers. At night we’ll take you a special restaurant for dinner as again you won’t be able to resist the world famous cuisine. Late at night we’ll join informative light & sound show in the front of Blue Mosque (if available)

Day 9 – After breakfast, depart for your home (you won’t say home sweet home) depart to Atatürk Airport. Time to have your present in order to make this trip memorial. It’ll be pleasure to host you in Turkey as there are so many things and places to see. Thanks for choosing the right agency.

Note: Please reach us for getting the list of the species of the birds you’ll encounter with in this route