Birding in Turkey

Birding in Turkey

Always wanted to see birds en mass but never have? Don`t worry come to Turkey and we can satisfy all your birding needs!

The country encompasses two main routes for birds migrating en mass. Twice a year, the land and water habitats of the country offers hospitality to migrating birds, some of which also breed here.

Turkey`s vast land of 779,000 square kilometers, surrounded on three sides by seas, serves as a bridge between three continents. A large variety of climatic zones co-exist due to its topography. Although located in the Palearctic zone, especially in the Southeast and the East, the Influence of oriental and Ethiopic (African) elements are observable. The Igdir-Aralik triangle and the Hakkari-Van plateau exhibit the influence of Syrian Desert flora and fauna; the Hatay-Amanos bridge exhibits elements of Africa. In the Northeast, there are examples of cold steppe, semi-Siberian environments. Due to the variety of habitats, Turkey is considered by many to be the best country for birds and birding in Europe.

Gernant Magnin describes the opportunities which awaits the demanding birder thus: Try the eastern Black Sea mountains that offer days of hiking and camping in magnificent alpine landscapes, with thousands of migrating birds of prey, calling Caspian Snowcocks above 2,600 metres and, above all, breathtaking silence. For people who would rather visit flat wetlands and can do without all the climbing, try Esmekaya Marshes north of Konya in Central Anatolia. Breeding Red-crested Pochards, Monatagu`s Harriers, Short-eared Owls and Cranes, and vast numbers of waterfowl can be seen in winter and spring; the surrounding steppe holds Great and Little Bustards.
The country even hosts some endangered species: The Bald Ibis (geronticus eremita). If you choose to combine archeological interest with an ornithological one, try visiting the ancient city of Zeugma, then quickly on to the nearby site of Birecik to observe the breeding colony of this sacred bird. Happy birding.

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Number of areas where birds are visiting during their whole life, is infinitive. For this reason, effective protection of all of these areas is impossible. During the Important Bird Areas (OKA) approach, in case of protection and good management, prior areas, which will assist most feasibly on protection of birds and biological variety, are determined. OKA is a project which is started on 1989 by International Bird Protection Council and executed within various countries of the world. Natural Life protection Foundation had commenced the studies required for the Turkish part of the project, from the beginning, and issued OKA book on 1997. Foundation, which is still executing new evaluation studies, is continuing to perform its observation studies at the same time.

Important Bird Areas of Turkey Project, which is started on 1990, is aiming the determination of new OKAs and continual observation of progresses within areas, and protection – with campaigns and lobby activities, establishment of public opinion – of areas important for the birds within Turkey.

This project and inventory studies in connection with this project is executed under coordination of Natural Life Protection Foundation within our country.